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What's in a parser combinator?

Here we talk about what a parser is, how to make parsers compose, and how to make use of do notation to write more complex parsers in Haskell.

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A tour of IHaskell extensions and integrations

In my previous post, I tried to provide a step-by-step explanation of how to install IHaskell on Ubuntu 14.04 (Should also work on other versions). Now is time to start using it! This post is an overview of various extensions you can use within IHaskell.

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Install IHaskell on Ubuntu 14.04 with Stack

In this post, we're going through the installation of IHaskell on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 in my case, though it should be pretty similar on other ditributions) step-by-step. We'll see how the use of Stack will simplify the whole process, and how to get all the dependencies right!

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