"Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon" -- Gandalf.


I started programming at the age of... wait a minute...

A wild new fun side-project appears

  • Fun side-project wants to distract you from writing your blog!
  • What will Pythux do?
  • Pythux attacks put side-project in TODO list and continue writing About section of blog.
  • Wild new fun side-project used reflection.
  • Pythux writes TODO and close editor...
  • Pythux loses.



Some facts about me

The language I use for each task is determined by the following non-optimal, non-deterministic, very-characteristic, not-always-realistic algorithm:

def choose_language():
    languages = ["Haskell", "C++", "Python", "Julia"]
    return languages[randint() % len(languages)]

Things I learned during programming contests:

I'm more or less active (often less than more) on the following plateforms: